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Lattie Project
Running on Quantumn

Our Blockchain is Quantum-torelant and fastest with Quantumn Computer. 
All Exchanges will need our safest chain near soon.

Countdown of TOKEN Sale

Quantumn world is in front of us.

Lattice Project

The era of quantum computer is already in front of me. In the cryptography used in the current cryptographic currency, it is broken by the quantum computer, and its cryptographic currency becomes useless. In the quantum era, we developed a cryptographic currency that can be safely used. By using the quantum computer in reverse, we theoretically succeeded in drastically improving the remittance speed of the block chain.

We have developed a cryptographic currency that is not broken by quantum computers using Lattice Cryptography (Lattice). Quantum computers are often seen as next-generation desk topics that are impossible to implement, but all that we implement in our projects can be implemented at present. We have already completed the quantum algorithms that speed up the remittance of the encryption currency and the remittance of that cryptographic currency that are not broken by quantum computers.
 All Exchanges will need our safest chain near soon.

The reason we do this ICO is for the following reasons:
* Lattice block chains, to set up hundreds of nodes, to do experiments to bear in reality
* In order to accelerate remittance by quantum annealing under development with an actual quantum computer

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Our Technology is Member's Identity.


Lattice Chain starts now.

ICO Starts

We start ICO to raise research expenses.

Lattice original chain is out.

Our initial Lattice token is based on ethereum because of ICO smart contracts. After ICO, we will replace Lattice token based on ethereum with original Lattice token based on Lattice chain.

Speeding Up Lattice with Quantum Computer

We use D-wave computing to increase the speed of Lattice chain with quantumn annealing. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Needs

Quantum computers are technologies that are already realized. As an exchange, from the point of view of security, it is necessary to devise countermeasures soon. However, there are no places where we are seriously working on this issue as an exchange,. We will solve it at once by introducing Lattice. Let's not cause problems like coin check again.

Credit Card Company

Credit card need to process 5000 transactions per second. Therefore, when applying a block chain to a credit card, it is possible to correspond only to the lattice chain using the quantum computer.